End of an era

So long & thanks for all the fish!

It’s been a cracking journey since I first wondered ‘how hard can it be to make nice children's wallpaper?’ back in 2009. I reckon we’ve fulfilled the brief to design & make good quality children's wallpaper.

Since we started lots of other clever brands have joined in, so now it’s time for us to bow out. We’ve picked up our ball & are heading home for tea.

We’ll be sad to no longer see the super bedrooms you make for your smalls. But we’re pretty chipper about what comes next for the team at PaperBoy.

Whatever we do next, you can be sure it’s done with humour, authenticity & in the best possible taste.

We love you. And thank you for loving us back. Just one more thing, D’ya-think-e-saurus?