How It Works

This is a gorgeous animal patterned fabric that’ll really smarten up your child’s room.

You could make a lovely pair of animal patterned curtains or for a simpler look you could make a Roman blind. Eco friendly water based inks printed onto & 100% Irish linen. Printed in England. Co-ordinate with the 'How It Works' wallpaper and create a total animal pattern 'look'. You'll have a super Instagram worthy room! Wherever you live in the world we can deliver! Or perhaps order a new matching lampshade for the bedside table & a cushion for the bed.

What goes on inside animals? How do they move? We now know. PaperBoy’s patented revolutionary x-ray detector machine has spied into the ancient secrets of animal locomotion. We can reveal the dedicated mini-engineers that keep the creatures rolling along. Your young ‘uns can spend ages examining the mechanics and discovering the teeny tiny maintenance man and his spanner.