The Final Frontier

A really fun outer space wallpaper design with adventures in outer space. It’ll add bags of fun & character to any child’s bedroom.

Redecorate your budding space explorers’ bedroom with this lovely space themed wallpaper. There’s a small boy running riot on the moon, saving us all from an alien invasion. Space ships, laser guns, monsters ... and a mouse eating some moon cheese. Of course. If you love this design then check out the matching linens, cushions & lampshades too. This outer space wallpaper design will amuse your children for years to come. And who knows? One day they might actually get to into space & explore the planets for real.

As with all our wallpapers we use water based inks & FSC approved paper so you can relax. This is an eco friendly product. It’s printed in England too. Scroll down and see the 4 lovely colours we’ve printed it in for you. We can deliver to anywhere in the known universe.