It's A Puzzle

A charming children's geometric bold patterned wallpaper.

If you’re looking for truly on-trend wallpaper for your boy’s or girl’s bedroom then this could be just the thing! At PaperBoy we make totally on trend wallpaper for boy's & girl’s bedrooms. If you love this pattern then check out the matching linens, cushions & lampshades. Large puzzle pieces wallpaper in a range of colours. A slightly silly idea but we think you’ll enjoy it. We want to help you make your home even lovelier than we’re sure it already is. Wallpaper is just so much more classic & modern than a mural. By hanging wallpaper you’ll be making the nursery or playroom just that bit cosier for the boys & girls in your life. Wallpaper just seems to add something rather special to a room. Can you tell how much we love wallpaper?

This trendy wallpaper comes in 3 colourways so there’s plenty of choice. Do take a look through all our other designs too. We can deliver your wallpaper order anywhere in the world.