At PaperBoy we follow the Vivienne Westwood idea: ‘Buy well, choose less, make it last…that is true sustainability’. We offer something different for children’s interiors. We have a lovely collection of designer wallpapers for girl's bedrooms.

Our newest girl's bedroom wallpaper design celebrates girls in all their laughing, adventurous, playful, mischievous glory. For girls who are more Princess Fiona from Shrek than Princess Peach from Super Mario. She doesn’t want rescuing, she wants to stomp about, poking her curious nose into the world with a gleam in her eye and mud on her boots.

Proper girls, yes, but less ‘girly’ and more, well, girlesque.

You might want to order a sample and check how it’ll look in your home. If you’d like some more inspiration for your girl’s room then do look through our Instagram feed. Lots of our lovely customers have shared their finished decorating projects and they’re really lovely.