Your kids love dinosaurs? You love wallpaper? We’ve got it covered. Dinosaur wallpaper heaven is here!

Could this be the perfect design mash-up you’ve been searching for? It should please both you and the children in your life. This ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus’ wallpaper invites children to explore danger, fear and fun. A boy who’s a bit cheeky, grabbing a ride on the claws of a pterodactyl, or down-right scared of the T-Rex chasing him.

Imagine yourself in a dinosaur world. Hiding under a bush. Hoping they don't see you. Jurassic creatures. Elegant wallpaper. Lovely colours. What's not to love? We think this is a really lovely dinosaur wallpaper, and hope you enjoy it too. We've also made some lovely matching linens with the same pattern. Or, if sewing's not your thing, we can make you a lampshade or a cushion to help you create a whole dinosaur themed room. Roar!

This wallpaper is printed in England in 6 sophisticated colour ways.