Sample 'General Miss Chief' Pebble Wallpaper


We use eco friendly water based inks & FSC approved paper for all our wallpapers & we ship all over the world.

Wallpaper samples are 52cm x 52cm - so you can see a full pattern repeat.

We use eco friendly water based inks & FSC approved paper for all our wallpapers.

Order some of this super wallpaper in a grey pebble colour. With a rambunctious girl does doing what seems fun. It’ll please both you & the children in your life. We think it’s a really rather beautiful wallpaper. If your fun loving child’s bedroom or play room could do with a bit of a refresh then this wallpaper might be just the thing. A great modern design for baby, toddler or tween.

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We fold the wallpaper samples and send them first class with Royal Mail. They should arrive within 3 working days.


If you change your mind within 14 days of placing your wallpaper sample order you can return it to us in the original packaging and we’ll give you a full refund.

Product Specification
We will send a wallpaper sample large enough for you to see one complete repeat of the 'General Miss Chief' design.

Before cutting and hanging this wallpaper please make sure that all your rolls have the same batch number and that they’re in good condition. We work hard to make the highest quality paper, but now and again colour or pattern variations happen during manufacture. If this has happened in your order, please return the defective roll, with its label, to where you bought it.


Remove all old wallpaper, backing and lining.

Fill any holes and cracks.

Make sure your walls are clean, firm and dry.

If your surfaces are powdery or flaky you should scrape them and paint them with an oil based sealer primer 48 hours before hanging the wallpaper.

For the best possible results it is important to:

Roughen any painted surfaces with glass-paper to create a ‘key’.

Size the walls by painting them with wallpaper paste and leave them to dry. This will hydrate the walls so that the wallpaper paste you put onto the wallpaper will act as a glue and not just soak into the walls leaving the wallpaper to peel off. Before hanging this paper, your walls should first be lined with a grade 800 or 1000 white lining paper. The lining paper should be hung horizontally and be allowed to dry out thoroughly before hanging your PaperBoy paper.

Dark Colours:

When hanging darker papers, we recommend you use chalk or crayon of a similar shade to colour the white edges before you paste.

Do not get the printed side wet or covered in paste.

Hanging guide:

  • Use a spirit level and faint pencil to mark a vertical line on the wall against which you will match up the edge of the wallpaper to make sure that it is hung straight. Or, use a plumb line when hanging the first panel.
  • Paste – we only recommend good quality premixed tub pastes, such as ‘Coles pre-mixed tub paste’.
  • Once you have pasted one length of paper to the wall match the pattern on the next length, at eye level, so you know where you are aiming for before attaching it to the wall. Then do the same with each subsequent length.
  • Always paste generously, paying particular attention to the edges.
  • Don’t over soak. You are wetting the paper when applying the paste so the paper can stretch if over soaked. We recommend the paste be applied for 1.5 - 2min before applying to the wall.
  • Don’t allow paste to contaminate the printed side. Carefully and immediately, with a damp cloth, wipe off all the paste that may have touched the printed surface.
  • Don’t over-work the seams. Take care not to crease the paper if you fold it over to carry from the pasting table to the wall.
  • Using a paperhanging brush, or felt roller, smooth the paper to the wall from the centre of the length to the edge expelling air bubbles.
  • After hanging 2 lengths check for shading or printing faults and that the paper is hung the correct way up. If you are not happy at this point. Stop, and contact us. We can accept a claim for one roll of paper only and that is limited to the replacement of paper that is faulty.
  • Good ventilation and your normal room temperature will help in the drying of this wallpaper after hanging.
  • Of course your wallpaper will look its very best if it’s hung by a qualified and experienced decorator.