Sample 'Hand Made' Purple wallpaper


We use eco friendly water based inks & FSC approved paper for all our wallpapers.

We will send a wallpaper sample large enough for you to see one complete repeat of the 'Hand Made' design. Who doesn’t love samples? They can be such a wise investment so you can check colours & patterns in your own home.
Tape them to the walls of the bedroom or the playroom. This is a great design for a teenager's bedroom wall.
This screen printed 'Hand Made' bold patterned wallpaper sample in a deep purple and shiny silver.

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We fold the wallpaper samples and send them first class with Royal Mail. They should arrive within 3 working days.


If you change your mind within 14 days of placing your wallpaper sample order you can return it to us in the original packaging and we’ll give you a full refund.

Product Specification
We will send a wallpaper sample large enough for you to see one complete repeat of the 'Hand Made' design.

To hang this wallpaper you need to paste the wall, not the paper

Before cutting and hanging this wallpaper please make sure that all your rolls have the same batch number and that they’re in good condition. We do everything we can to make perfect wallpaper but occasionally colour or pattern variations happen during manufacture. If this happens in your order, please return the defective roll, with its label, and we’ll replace it. But we can’t refund or replace any paper you’ve already cut, hung or pasted.

  • Make sure your walls are clean, firm, dry and even.
  • Remove all old wallpaper, backing and lining.
  • Scrape off any powdery or flaky surfaces and paint them with an oil based sealer primer 48 hours before hanging your wallpaper.
  • Fill any holes and cracks.
  • Roughen any painted surfaces with glass-paper to create a ‘key’.
  • Apply size to any absorbent surfaces.
  • Let any new plaster dry out completely.
  • Line your walls with a grade 800 or 1000 white lining paper and allow to dry out completely.
  • To minimise fire hazard, do not hang paper over expanded polystyrene veneers or any other flammable products and make sure your wall coverings are firmly stuck down.


Hanging Instructions:

Check that your paper is coming off the roll the right way up. Don’t hang it the wrong way! If in doubt check with the pattern book or us.

Use a premium quality, ready-mixed tub paste or equivalent pH neutral, solvent-free, fungicide protected, light grade adhesive. We recommend Coles Pre-mixed Tub Paste.

Don’t use the following as they’re not suitable and may cause surface staining or adhesion problems:
Self-mix adhesives, all-purpose and heavy-duty pastes, packet pastes and a number of the vinyl adhesives. For the first length, use a spirit level and faint pencil line to mark a vertical line on the wall. Match the edge of the paper up against this line to make sure the paper is hung vertically. Or you can use a plumb line.

Apply paste evenly to the wall, to an area slightly wider than the width of the first roll.

Smooth the paper to the wall with a paperhangers’ brush, working from the centre of the length to the edge. Once you have pasted one length of paper to the wall match the pattern on the next lenngth, at eye level, so you know roughly where you are aiming for before attaching it to the wall.

Butt the joins together, smoothing with your brush and working from the centre to the edges to clear any air bubbles. Keep hands and brushes clean and dry and don’t let any paste come into contact the printed side as this will damage it. Carefully wipe off any paste that may have touched the printed surface with a clean, damp sponge.

Trim top and bottom of paper with paperhangers’ shears or a sharp knife and a straight edge.

If you fold the paper, take care not to crease it.

After hanging 2 lengths check for shading or printing faults and that the paper is hung the correct way up.

If you are not happy at this point, stop. We can only accept a claim for one roll of paper, and only if it’s faulty.