How to sleep better?

Who hasn’t heard the advice for better sleep? 

You know, get a bedtime routine, keep the temperature cool, no electronics in the room, low lights, calming colours, don’t drink alcohol… 

Yet according to The Sleep Council, 4 out of 5 people still complain they don’t sleep well! 

So this week I was fascinated to talk to a friend with two gorgeous sons who happen to have autism about her mission to help them sleep better.  I think what she told me could be a lifeline for anyone in similar circumstance, but honestly, also for many of us who pace the floor at night.

These are the three main tips she passed on (Thanks, Jen!)

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Cleaning? Well it is spring.

Every year when the clocks go forward a strange thing happens. 

The spiders seem to get very busy building webs all over my house, slut wool appears from out of the skirting boards, the windows acquire a layer of grime and the curtains positively puff with dust.

Some say it’s just that as it gets lighter I notice it more but it feels like there’s a malevolent fairy that visits in April.

So.  Clean I must. But how to make it as painless as possible? 

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It's Easter? Who knew ...

Chicks, eggs, the Bunny…all the usuals for Easter.  Bor. Ing. 

Ok, that’s harsh. I like to scoff chocolate and decorate cutely with the best of them. 

But what else happens at Easter?

Well let me tell you ...

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