I love velvet. 

I always wanted a Weimaraner dog mainly because they look and feel like the most luxurious silver-grey hammered velvet.

I only gave up on my dream of having one when I realized they need 6 hours of running about a day, and chase deer and – long story short - I settled for a pup that looks more like the slut-wool that gathers under the kitchen cabinets but is happy just to trot round the block now and again.

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“De Gournay helps realise your dreams of a perfect interior.” Oh, yes.

Here at PaperBoy Wallpaper we’re keen, as you know, on making the world a more beautiful place, one home at a time. 

Most of us don’t have unlimited amounts of cash to do that with, and it’s a good thing: beauty is certainly not just a money-dependent thing. 

But sometimes, oh, wouldn’t it be very heaven to be able to spend a king’s ransom on perfection?  To have the most beautifully made, original, luxurious decorations and geegaws?  Hand-painted Chinoiserie on the walls (maybe £600-£1,000 a panel – hand painted wallpaper doesn’t come in rolls!). 

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Is your home a manifestation of you?

I have a friend who can look at your bookshelves and tell you your life.  It’s uncanny. She reads them like fortune tellers read your palms. She once averted a friend’s divorce just by noticing a copy of Anais Nin’s 'Henry and June' on her coffee table.

She claims you can ‘read’ people (pardon the pun) through anything if you pay the right sort of attention: their clothes their pets, and – this is where I got really interested – their houses.

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Mothering Sunday.

You probably already know that Mothering Sunday was not originally to honour personal mothers, but to return to your ‘mother’ church, the one where you were baptized and instructed in the spiritual ways of your religion.

Its old names include ‘Refreshment Sunday’ and ‘Rejoicing Sunday’ because after a hard winter it was a day that working people could leave the daily grind of their service and return home.

The end of Lent was in sight and Easter on the horizon so the church even allowed marriages on this Sunday, which were otherwise banned in the shrivening atmosphere of the Lenten period.

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Gong hei fat choi!

16th February is the beginning of Chinese New Year and most excitingly for me, this year is the Year of the Dog.

Obviously I have a fondness for dogs, but more than that, I am one!  

A quick google through traits for Dogs confirms that ‘people born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature...honest, friendly, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable...’

That’ll do for me!

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Bringing the garden in

.... as spring comes on.

The snowdrops have been out for a fortnight round my local cenotaph. And it’s been snowing.

It never fails to amaze me how hardy British nature is. How can that delicate fresh green push up so relentlessly through the frozen earth?

And those fragile little bells stand the cold?! But they do, every year without fail and herald the appearance of daffodils and primroses and crocuses on my dog walks in the woods.

Even the odd violet. 

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