More iconic wallpapers. Blog #2

Second in our series of #WallpaperWednesday blogs about iconic wallpapers.

Timorous Beasties founders Ali McAuley and Paul Simmons have some pretty high-brow ambitions for their designs. ‘They are devoted to how…a universal connection between art, nature and society…impacts as pattern design in our daily experience of furnished spaces.’

Yes I’m sure. But I like them best when they surprise a laugh.  

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Silk. Silky. Silken.

We use the words to describe everything from chocolate to shampoo to a persuasive tone of voice. 

It’s a wonderfully sensuous description whether applying to touch, taste, sight or hearing. It conjures up images of something smooth, lustrous, soft, fine, flowing, touchable, luxurious.

Everything that silk is.  

Well, actually, not everything ...

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Clerkenwell Design Week

There are loads of exciting inspirational design fairs from the vast and venerable Ideal Homes (now in its 110th year) to the dinky Houzz of 2018 which was held in a single house in Soho. 

This week is a favourite of mine – Clerkenwell Design Week

It covers everything from furniture to lighting and textiles to accessories and is set in an area with more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere in the world (plus a lot of trendy coffee shops and foodie hubs).

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Linen – can’t get enough of that beautiful stuff.

Just one thing to say this week: Linen.

You may have noticed a nationwide campaign in April called I Love Linen

I spotted it at Jigsaw, but it is supported by myriad retailers and designers from Vivienne Westwood to John Lewis. Ethics, quality and sustainability are at the heart of the campaign and I, for one, am thrilled to cheer it on. 

If you missed it there’s a great site you can visit: I Love Linen

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Which Came First?

I’ve made thirteen wallpaper designs since we launched in 2009.

Dragons and dinosaurs for my boys when they were little, planes and robots for the aerophiles and technophiles, adventurous girls for the little women, stripes and jigsaw pieces in response to requests for something more abstract.  

But this is the only one I made just for me.

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Oh brother! (and sister).

I’ve just realised that my two signature wallpaper designs feature sibling relationships.

I shouldn’t be surprised because I made the first wallpaper for my twin sons and I was brought up with one sister but there you are. 

Hadn’t properly noticed until I was looking for a present for my sister’s birthday this week and vaguely wondering if I could get away with a couple of rolls of General Miss Chief (I really can’t).

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Another rather smashing children's wallpaper.

I’ve always said I love Roald Dahl, and I do.  But I think I might love his illustrator Quentin Blake even more. 

His wonderful wallpaper collection from Osbourne and Little is called Zagazoo and I love his quirky Cockatoos, particularly.  

Blake’s famous for drawing with quill pens and scratchy nibs so his drawings are as full of ‘mistakes’ and surprise as the messy situations his characters find themselves in. 

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