Game Of Thrones Series 8

How To Decorate Your House For The Next Season Of Game Of Thrones.

The night is dark and full of top decorating tips.

Winter is here, and so is the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones . We've been through a lot since Ned Stark's beheading in King's Landing, and it's finally come down to this—who, or what, will sit upon the Iron Throne? While you wait for this important info and the fate of our favourite characters here are our pick of the top 6 GoT must have home décor gear to remember all that we've been through these past seven seasons.

1: Who doesn’t need this Cat Bed Iron Throne in their life? Your cat is no doubt the ruler of the house—and they should be treated that way with this insane throne fit for your furball. All hail Fluffy of the House Kitty, First of Her Name, The Unscratched, Protector of the Crazy Cat Lady, Breaker of Leashes and Mother of Furbabies!

Cat Bed Iron Throne

2: Game Of Thrones Shield Night Light. Show your loyalty to House Stark with this direwolf nightlight. And don't forget—the night is dark and full of terrors.

Game of thrones night light

3: Khaleesi and Khal Drogo were by far the cutest power couple on GOT—don't even try to argue—so why not channel their love with these adorable prints? Share them with your loved one, or just yourself—self love is still important!

Game of thrones art work

4: Live like the Mother of Dragons with this super cute dragon wallpaper.

Game of thrones dragon themed wallpaper

5: Pay tribute to the fallen Stark direwolves with this paper statue—and let's hope Ghost and Nymeria make it until the end.

Game of thrones winter is here wolf head

6: Or get ready to hide during the scary bits behind this Mother Of Dragons linen cushion.

game of thrones red & blue dragon cushion

Happy watching.

Victoria x






Little Greene Sample Pot Paint Cans

How To Choose The Best Paint Colour For Your Wallpaper?

We love wallpaper at PaperBoy – can you tell?

But we also understand that wallpaper is just one teeny-tiny part of your own home design. There are so many thing to think about when creating your just oh so perfect home. One vital think is to be able to choose the right paint to go with your favourite - PaperBoy or otherwise – wallpaper.

When it comes to choosing colours for our wallpapers, we often start with a paint chip & our current paint crush is for Little Greene. They make glorious quality paints with equally glorious names that tell their own tale.

Who is ‘Angie’ – she’s pink for sure, but what’s her story? Or there’s ‘Adventurer’, ‘Julie’s Dream’ and ‘Mischief’. Fabulous!

How do you go about finding the right colour for your home?

Here are a few handy hints.

Get Inspired.

Use home magazines and Pinterest to find inspiration in what other people have done. Collate your favourite images into a mood board so you can understand the final look and feel.

Buy testers.

Sample paint pots are a great way to test the colour in your space before committing to anything drastic. Farrow & Ball recommend painting an A4 sheet of paper so you can see how the colour looks around the room

Consider lighting.

What will your paint colours look like in natural light? At night? In artificial lighting? Lighting is so important when it comes to choosing paint colours. Spend some time analysing your colour choices in various stages of lighting. What looks great on Pinterest may not work in the lighting of your home.

So what’s stopping you?

Snuggle down with a cup o tea, the latest edition of Elle Decoration & a fully charged iPad set to Pinterest. That’s a windy weekend on the sofa sorted.

Victoria x

Patterns Are The New Black.

Some of you may remember my delight in this wallpaper. So imagine my excitement on hearing that animal prints are on the rise again. 

And not Bet Lynch barmaid leopard prints, but actual whole leopards stalking about in glorious colours. 

The influential lifestyle and interior design community, Apartment Therapy have declared this their first ever 'pattern of the year'.  They were bored with the plain old ‘colour of the year’ that the likes of Patone and Dulux promote and thought it was time that pattern got its own cheerleader.

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Dog Scandal #11

We haven’t had one of these in a while and believe me I’ve been looking out for wicked things she’s done, if only so I can share them with you.

But something’s changed. Rather than get bothered by her naughtiness I’ve found myself being inspired by the example she sets. 

I know! Who knew?

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Less is more in the City of Light

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been to two trade shows, both extraordinary in their own ways, both in the City of Light, Paris.

Maison et Objet is a massive, buzzing bazaar of offerings with over 1,000 exhibitors displaying everything from carpets, cookware and houseplants to whole rooms you can assemble from flatpack. 

It was so enormous the organisers painted red lines on the carpet to help you navigate from room to room.  My companion and I felt like we were in The Wizard of Oz following the Yellow Brick Road.

And we still lost each other – twice!

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New Year New You

2019 I’ve got you. 

The second day of this year saw me carting nine – count ‘em, NINE! – bin bags of assorted cack out of my sons’ ‘play room’ into the car and down to the recycling centre. 

I’m looking at the floor right now and feeling unfeasibly pleased with the nice green carpet – I’d quite forgotten what it looked like. In a moment I will delight myself by walking, unimpeded, from the door to the window. Then maybe back the other way.  Looking at the space I can’t even imagine how nine bin bags of books, toys, dvds, old clothes, trainers, sports gear and unspeakable rubbish squirrelled itself into the room.

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To Christmas Tree or not to Christmas Tree…

It’s that time of year again when I hoist myself into the loft and scrabble around for the Christmas decorations. I don’t like the dust, the dead wasps or the cobwebs but it’s all worth it for the wonder of flipping open the old cardboard box and seeing again the motley collection of decorations. 

I love them all: the Fimo snowmen the boys made at junior school, all red and green and with their badly-glued glitter flaking into the tissue paper; the flimsy gold spheres I’ve hoarded since the 70s with their memories of mum and dad; the glorious luxury of my sister’s annual gift of Liberty baubles in glowing colours.

Each one evokes a precious memory and I wouldn’t swap them for the most fabulously fashionable display in Fortnums.   

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Strawberry Fields .... Forever

Before the Beatles put the catchy song into everyone’s head whenever the word ‘strawberry’ is mentioned, the fragrant fruit had many and varied meanings.  

The Romans dedicated them to Venus, goddess of love because of their heart shape and red colour (and some say, because they resemble a beautiful woman’s curvaceous behind…). 

In Medieval churches they were carved into the tops of pillars to symbolise perfection and righteousness. 

And in Bavaria, it was the custom to tie baskets of wild strawberries to the horns of cows as an offering to the elves, who are said to be passionately fond of the fruit.  All things to all people then.

Me I just love the taste.

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