A rather special wallpaper.

Image credit: A very stylish twin bedroom

No stylish person wants to be the same as everyone else.

But sometimes things are popular for good reason – Cartier diamonds, Mercedes-Benz convertibles, Cadbury’s Crème Eggs – and no matter how many people have them, it’s still ok to want them.

This is how I feel about Cole and Sons Woods wallpaper.  

It’s just so glorious. It does that thing for walls that only wallpaper can. It brings its own life and story to the room and in colours that manage to be subtle and vibrant at the same time.

Can’t fault it.

It was an instant classic when Michael Clark designed it in 1959 and the genius is, it’s remained so ever since. 

Just recently it’s been updated with pears & stars – making it an easy choice for the more playful parts of the house.

Cole & son woods wallpaper with gold pears

Image credit: Cole & Son

(I think the stars one looks like it was lifted straight from Where the Wild Things Are.)

woods wallpaper with gold stars

Image credit: Woods with stars

It’s such a versatile wallpaper. I had in it a kitchen garden room extension and made me understand how gorgeous it can be to bring the outside in. I’ve also seen it in a dog accessories shop in Tunbridge Wells & it looked fab!

Love it!

Victoria x

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