What can you do with wallpaper samples or off cuts?

(Image Credit: Stair Risers)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m a bit of a pattern fiend. 

So when we send out wallpaper samples we send you a full repeat at 52cm x 52cm (that’s 20” square in old money). It helps check colour & the entire pattern. 

But what to do with it when you’ve decided that the whole room needs to be covered in it?

Light a fire with it? Wallpaper the doll’s house? Well, certainly, if you feel like it.  But there are so many other interesting ideas out there.

Now of course what I’d really love to show you is a bit of PaperBoy decoupage, but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t yet found the time, or, if I’m brutally honest, the aptitude.  Here a chair that we had professionally laminated with wallpaper.

Wallpapered chair

We’re thinking of creating a wallpapered range of children’s room furniture.

What d’ya reckon?

In the meantime here are some ideas you could steal.

(A lovely one is to frame them, but as we send our wallpaper samples out folded, you can’t really do that with ours. Hmm.  I must have a think about that.)  

Here are a few that I really love.

Get on with some classic decoupage in a riot of colour. Or buy one ready made for £1,450 – rather zazzy.

Bryony Porter Chest of drawers

(Picture credit: Bryony Porter)

If you’ve some larger off-cuts or a spare roll decorate a wardrobe.


(Picture credit: Lush Home)

Use medium sized bits to make your risers more interesting.

Wallpapered Stair Risers

(Image Credit: Stair Risers)

…or the backs of your shelves.

Wallpaper Large Shelves

(Image Credit: Good Housekeeping )

Use smaller pieces to zhuzz up box shelving.

Wallpaper Small Shelves

(Image Credit: I Want That )

The possibilities are limited only by your creative energy.

You can use smallish bits to decoupage inside cupboards or the insides of drawers so they look like the lining on an expensive jacket: or make a lampshade: or create a bespoke binding for books: or gorgeously wrap presents or fashion place mats.  And when you have really small pieces you can make adorable gift tags.  

Or these beautiful coat hangers.

Wallpapered Coat Hangers

(Image Credit: Mom.Me )

So do send us some of yours if you get creative in the meantime.

See you next week.


Victoria x

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