Wallpaper Wednesday Blog #5: Hick’s Hexagon

Image credit: Hick's Hexagon by Cole & Son

Does this look familiar? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Could it be because you remember .... 


Hexagon carpet in The Shining

Image credit: The Shining

Legendary designer David Hicks was a byword for style in the 60’s with clients from Vidal Sassoon to the Prince of Wales. 

He made carpets for Windsor Castle and was responsible for this large-scale version of the pattern in this famous carpet. Anyone who’s seen Stanley Kubrick’s disturbing 1980 horror The Shining with Jack Nicolson can’t fail to recognize it.

How strange and marvelous that the pattern was later adapted by Hicks’ son, Ashley and now graces the walls of the great, the good and the simply stylish in a plethora of different colourways. 

I wonder if they all know its rather creepy history!

Victoria x

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