Today is all about trees.

Image credit: Painshill

They’ve been quietly green for months now and fading into the background. But overnight there’s a gold tinge to the leaves of the maple on my regular dog walk that refuses to be ignored. 

The oak over the road is peppered with browning acorns, the tops of the plum trees are vibrant orange and the acer in the pot is glowing almost yellow as it puts on its late summer plumage.

It’s like they’re assertively reminding me how beautiful they are.  From the lush green of the summer to the stunning autumn display and the graceful bare structures in the winter.  

No wonder they’re such a staple for interior decoration. 

If spring’s your thing Fresco’s pretty blossoms are an extraordinarily bargainous £7.99 from my local The Range.

Apple blossom wallpaper by The Range in silver

If you’re a summer lover, this stunning secret garden from Designers Guild is a digital print and will set you back £195 for a 1.4x3m panel.

Designers Guild Giardino Segreto Scene 1, Delft,

Or for a more modest budget, this Jane Churchill moody Moonstruck number is £65 a roll.

Jane Churchill Moonstruck Wallpaper

Though for my money, you can’t beat the gorgeous, timeless Cole and Son’s Woods at £85 a roll.

Woods wallpaper by Cole and son

Whatever your favourite season of the tree you can bring it inside all year round. 

And you don’t have to water it or rake the leaves up in November.

Victoria x

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