Time flys

Good grief! Where is the time going?   

This started as a ‘there goes January’ piece but now we’re charging on into March. And, for those of you stuck in the 9 to 5, it’s starting to get light in the evenings and the daffs are blooming everywhere. 

Have you noticed how the months now seem to be as much about a charity or health as they are for marking the stages of the year? Dry January is now so totally the norm that this year the drinks industry was celebrating the jackpot of the combination of the end of Dry January, a Friday and most peoples’ pay day.   

And it doesn’t stop there.

Do you go Sober for October too? Or, if you’re a fella, do you grow a ‘tache in November, (with I’m told either admiring glances or controlled smirks from passers-by depending on the level of growth).  

Dry January was great from a health and wellbeing perspective but most of these things are either about suffering pain or embarrassment for a good cause or personal denial to improve ourselves on the inside.  

So hey, why not think about doing something for ourselves and improving things around us as well.  We’ve blogged before about the positive effects on wellbeing of our surroundings – why not make a (nearly) new year resolution to transform those dull painted walls with some fabulous wallpaper. 

Egg & Animal Purple Kid's Wallpaper

Victoria x

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