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5 Children’s Room Essentials

This week we got together with Shuayb Patel from OWO Living to compile a short list of 5 essential things that all children’s rooms should have. From their earliest days through to being a toddler and eventually a young teen, a child’s bedroom can be a place that actively encourages fun whilst still being effortlessly practical at all times - but how do you strike that perfect balance?

Here's our 5 essentials for any kids’ bedroom from fun-inspiring wallpaper to smart storage solutions. 

Wonderful walls.

 Warm grey dinosaur wallpaper

As it’s the room where your little darlings will spend much of their days & nights, the bedroom should be a space where they love to spend their time. Using gorgeous colour and patterns children’s wallpaper is a great place to start in your quest to inspire creativity. 

Whether your little ones are dinosaur mad or simply can’t get enough of farm animals, channel their love by bringing it to life on their bedroom walls. If you’re worried that their obsession with planets might just be a passing phase, why not opt for a fun wallpaper option that will never go out of fashion? This way, you can keep your wallpaper for longer than a few weeks and add different accessories to the room as your children’s passions change.

A multi-functional bed.

Fun Kid's Hot air Balloon Bed

While it might be tempting to splash out on a themed bed for your princess-obsessed 5 year old, come her next birthday, you might find that she’s unwilling to sleep in a bright pink castle shaped bed. We’d recommend opting for something a little simpler like an ottoman storage bed, which could be a better long-term solution to your problems by doubling-up as a functional storage space for all those toys. From there, simply switch up the bedding, curtains and rugs to match your little ones’ latest fixation.

 A splash of personality.

 Kids Own Art Work On Display

As they grow, your children will be keen to express themselves in their own ways, and their bedroom is the perfect canvas. From the name sign on the door to the colour of the furniture, nothing puts a stamp on a child’s bedroom quite like adding in some personality. Here’s your chance to get them involved in making this space their own. 

Depending on their age, you can also begin introducing chores and responsibilities. This could be anything from putting their laundry in a basket and watering a plant to feeding and cleaning out a pet’s tank. Whatever works for your family, these small jobs will serve as a useful tool in putting them on the path to independence from a young age.

Smart storage.

 Smart Kids Storage Ideas

As any parent knows, there’s simply never enough storage. And if you have more than one child you’re bound to need more space. With this in mind, when it comes to storage space, you’ll need to get creative. 

Floor space is precious so, from hanging shoe racks for stuffed animals to shelf-mounted jars for pencils and crayons, it’s time to think outside the box. Baskets, drawers and trays can all provide handy storage solutions, so head over to Pinterest to find your next dose of inspiration.

Creative added extras.

If you’re a minimalist kinda’ person the idea of toys strewn around the bedroom on a daily basis is probably enough to make you break out into a sweat. But kids are at their happiest when surrounded by their favourite playthings. 

If your child is proving to be a budding artist or keen astronomer, why not encourage this within their own bedroom? Whether it’s books they’re particularly fond of reading, or paintings they’re especially proud of, get these little added extras out on display for all to see.

Kids Book shelf display

So, whether you’re combining education & design with animal wallpaper or putting your little ones’ artistic skills to use by having them create their own pencil pots, toy boxes and more, by following these 5 tips you can inject a little creativity and personality into your children’s bedrooms.

Victoria & Shuayb x

Patterns Are The New Black.

Some of you may remember my delight in this wallpaper. So imagine my excitement on hearing that animal prints are on the rise again. 

And not Bet Lynch barmaid leopard prints, but actual whole leopards stalking about in glorious colours. 

The influential lifestyle and interior design community, Apartment Therapy have declared this their first ever 'pattern of the year'.  They were bored with the plain old ‘colour of the year’ that the likes of Patone and Dulux promote and thought it was time that pattern got its own cheerleader.

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Less is more in the City of Light

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been to two trade shows, both extraordinary in their own ways, both in the City of Light, Paris.

Maison et Objet is a massive, buzzing bazaar of offerings with over 1,000 exhibitors displaying everything from carpets, cookware and houseplants to whole rooms you can assemble from flatpack. 

It was so enormous the organisers painted red lines on the carpet to help you navigate from room to room.  My companion and I felt like we were in The Wizard of Oz following the Yellow Brick Road.

And we still lost each other – twice!

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Strawberry Fields .... Forever

Before the Beatles put the catchy song into everyone’s head whenever the word ‘strawberry’ is mentioned, the fragrant fruit had many and varied meanings.  

The Romans dedicated them to Venus, goddess of love because of their heart shape and red colour (and some say, because they resemble a beautiful woman’s curvaceous behind…). 

In Medieval churches they were carved into the tops of pillars to symbolise perfection and righteousness. 

And in Bavaria, it was the custom to tie baskets of wild strawberries to the horns of cows as an offering to the elves, who are said to be passionately fond of the fruit.  All things to all people then.

Me I just love the taste.

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Today is all about trees.

They’ve been quietly green for months now and fading into the background. But overnight there’s a gold tinge to the leaves of the maple on my regular dog walk that refuses to be ignored. 

The oak over the road is peppered with browning acorns, the tops of the plum trees are vibrant orange and the acer in the pot is glowing almost yellow as it puts on its late summer plumage.

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I love paisley on all sorts of levels.  It’s a curious thing.

The basic motif or buteh comes from Persia but the name comes from Scotland. 

The poshest goods have it as a pattern and yet it’s often been used as a symbol of decadence and rebellion by everyone from Oscar Wilde to John Lennon, who had his Rolls Royce painted in bright yellow and paisley. 

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Why is wallpaper like cake?

Victoria sponge was always my favourite cake.

Yes, there’s the fact my dad told me it was named after me when I was a kid, which made my sister furiously jealous – both things that gave me enormous pleasure.

But more than that there’s something so delicious about the simple elegance of vanilla sponge, cream, jam and a light dusting of icing sugar. 

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