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Clerkenwell Design Week

There are loads of exciting inspirational design fairs from the vast and venerable Ideal Homes (now in its 110th year) to the dinky Houzz of 2018 which was held in a single house in Soho. 

This week is a favourite of mine – Clerkenwell Design Week

It covers everything from furniture to lighting and textiles to accessories and is set in an area with more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere in the world (plus a lot of trendy coffee shops and foodie hubs).

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Cleaning? Well it is spring.

Every year when the clocks go forward a strange thing happens. 

The spiders seem to get very busy building webs all over my house, slut wool appears from out of the skirting boards, the windows acquire a layer of grime and the curtains positively puff with dust.

Some say it’s just that as it gets lighter I notice it more but it feels like there’s a malevolent fairy that visits in April.

So.  Clean I must. But how to make it as painless as possible? 

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