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Silk. Silky. Silken.

We use the words to describe everything from chocolate to shampoo to a persuasive tone of voice. 

It’s a wonderfully sensuous description whether applying to touch, taste, sight or hearing. It conjures up images of something smooth, lustrous, soft, fine, flowing, touchable, luxurious.

Everything that silk is.  

Well, actually, not everything ...

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Linen – can’t get enough of that beautiful stuff.

Just one thing to say this week: Linen.

You may have noticed a nationwide campaign in April called I Love Linen

I spotted it at Jigsaw, but it is supported by myriad retailers and designers from Vivienne Westwood to John Lewis. Ethics, quality and sustainability are at the heart of the campaign and I, for one, am thrilled to cheer it on. 

If you missed it there’s a great site you can visit: I Love Linen

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I love velvet. 

I always wanted a Weimaraner dog mainly because they look and feel like the most luxurious silver-grey hammered velvet.

I only gave up on my dream of having one when I realized they need 6 hours of running about a day, and chase deer and – long story short - I settled for a pup that looks more like the slut-wool that gathers under the kitchen cabinets but is happy just to trot round the block now and again.

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