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Small terrier being hugged by young girl in a field

Autumnal Wellbeing

We love our dogs at PaperBoy.

Not least because they get us up ‘n’ stomping around outside. Who can resist Fred and Kodak when they want to go for a blast of fresh air on an autumnal Tuesday afternoon?

There’s no better time of year to enjoy being outside. Thinking about getting home again to stews, log fires and a glass or two of something sustaining.

I get reminded by my daily newsfeed of the impact of our environment on our physical and mental wellbeing and how it’s all about colours and space and calm.  Not sure how they work it out, but apparently our physical environment is responsible for up to 40% of our feelings of wellbeing.

No wonder we feel refreshed after an autumn walk.

Which is funny though as autumn is all about dying and the coming to the end of nature’s year.

Most wellbeing studies focus on the workplace.  We think that there’s no place like home to work on your wellness by introducing a bit of colour and calm to your surroundings.

How about some of our ''ere be dragons' wallpaper in autumnal taupe & burnt orange to get you started.

Victoria x

Little Greene Sample Pot Paint Cans

How To Choose The Best Paint Colour For Your Wallpaper?

We love wallpaper at PaperBoy – can you tell?

But we also understand that wallpaper is just one teeny-tiny part of your own home design. There are so many thing to think about when creating your just oh so perfect home. One vital think is to be able to choose the right paint to go with your favourite - PaperBoy or otherwise – wallpaper.

When it comes to choosing colours for our wallpapers, we often start with a paint chip & our current paint crush is for Little Greene. They make glorious quality paints with equally glorious names that tell their own tale.

Who is ‘Angie’ – she’s pink for sure, but what’s her story? Or there’s ‘Adventurer’, ‘Julie’s Dream’ and ‘Mischief’. Fabulous!

How do you go about finding the right colour for your home?

Here are a few handy hints.

Get Inspired.

Use home magazines and Pinterest to find inspiration in what other people have done. Collate your favourite images into a mood board so you can understand the final look and feel.

Buy testers.

Sample paint pots are a great way to test the colour in your space before committing to anything drastic. Farrow & Ball recommend painting an A4 sheet of paper so you can see how the colour looks around the room

Consider lighting.

What will your paint colours look like in natural light? At night? In artificial lighting? Lighting is so important when it comes to choosing paint colours. Spend some time analysing your colour choices in various stages of lighting. What looks great on Pinterest may not work in the lighting of your home.

So what’s stopping you?

Snuggle down with a cup o tea, the latest edition of Elle Decoration & a fully charged iPad set to Pinterest. That’s a windy weekend on the sofa sorted.

Victoria x

Pink. Or is it?

Dulux have announced their colour of the year: the winner is (ta-da!) Heart Wood. 

They describe it as ‘a beautiful warm pink’ and show you all manner of ways to use it on their site. I like it. The name suggests nature and warm coziness combined. 

It sounds – and looks – like a benevolent colour, nurturing in these hard times. 

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