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Which Came First?

I’ve made thirteen wallpaper designs since we launched in 2009.

Dragons and dinosaurs for my boys when they were little, planes and robots for the aerophiles and technophiles, adventurous girls for the little women, stripes and jigsaw pieces in response to requests for something more abstract.  

But this is the only one I made just for me.

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How to sleep better?

Who hasn’t heard the advice for better sleep? 

You know, get a bedtime routine, keep the temperature cool, no electronics in the room, low lights, calming colours, don’t drink alcohol… 

Yet according to The Sleep Council, 4 out of 5 people still complain they don’t sleep well! 

So this week I was fascinated to talk to a friend with two gorgeous sons who happen to have autism about her mission to help them sleep better.  I think what she told me could be a lifeline for anyone in similar circumstance, but honestly, also for many of us who pace the floor at night.

These are the three main tips she passed on (Thanks, Jen!)

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