Stripes are everywhere, and designed to make you happy.

Image credit: Cole & Son Polo stripe wallpaper

Tiger, Zebra, bumblebee, candy canes, popcorn machines, Breton sweaters, bunting, beach umbrellas and circus tents. Stripes are everywhere, and designed to make you happy.

Perhaps that’s why they are so ubiquitous in interior design. 

Every wallpaper designer, from Osbourne and Little (£95)

Osborne & little gold striped wallpaper

Image credit: F&P Interiors

to Homebase (£14.99) have a stripe in their collection.

Homebase black & white striped wallpaper

Image credit: Homebase

We even have a stripe here at PaperBoy:

PaperBoy green striped wallpaper

Image credit: PaperBoy Wallpaper

Stripes can lend a little structure to a room, a sense of order, either formal or looser. 

Vertical stripes can make your room seem taller, and horizontal ones can visually expand space making rooms appear wider or longer (think of those directional lines on hospital walls seeming to stream into infinity!)   Some commentators talk about horizontal lines bringing a sense of tranquillity because they ‘suggest a harmonious relationship with the earth’.

Are you feelin’ it?

One of the best things about stripes is that they are versatile. 

Tone on tone ones are elegant, bright and bold can be wild, classic when the stripes are all the same width, modern when they’re all different, sleek and sophisticated with the crisp line, playful and handmade when the line is slightly broken (as in ours).

Best of all they play well with solids, florals and other patterns and can be used anywhere in the house. Maybe start small with a rug, runner or lampshade.

Striped stair runner

Image credit: Houzz

So stripe away!  And if you decide to go large, just maybe don’t go too far…

Striped ceiling and walls

Image credit: homedit

Victoria x

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