Strawberry Fields .... Forever

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Before the Beatles put the catchy song into everyone’s head whenever the word ‘strawberry’ is mentioned, the fragrant fruit had many and varied meanings.  

The Romans dedicated them to Venus, goddess of love because of their heart shape and red colour (and some say, because they resemble a beautiful woman’s curvaceous behind…). 

In Medieval churches they were carved into the tops of pillars to symbolise perfection and righteousness. 

And in Bavaria, it was the custom to tie baskets of wild strawberries to the horns of cows as an offering to the elves, who are said to be passionately fond of the fruit.  All things to all people then.

Me I just love the taste.

The earliest artistic depiction of a strawberry appeared as a botanical illustration in 1454 but perhaps the most popular one was created in as a fabric 1875 by William Morris. 

It was inspired by the thrushes in his garden at Kelmscott Manor, who were always stealing his strawberries and it became a firm favourite with his clients in spite of its huge expense.

Strawberry Thief Wallpaper in sitting room

Image credit: The Strawberry Thief wallpaper

Morris’s classic pattern will perhaps never be bested.

If you’d really like strawberries with your strawberry design, serve them on this Wedgewood’s delightful Wild Strawberry china.

Wedgewood Wild Strawberry Tea set

Image credit: Wedgewood

And, oh well, just because Christmas is coming, don’t forget strawberries on your tree.

Anthropologie Strawberry Christmas Decoration

Image credit: Anthropologie


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