Spider season is upon us.

It’s that time of year again.

Running upstairs after a huge scream to be told - in between gasps - of a spider the size of a giant's fist hiding behind the wardrobe.

Turned out to be the size of a 10p piece and was happy to be safely popped out of the bathroom window. I thought it probs best not to share with the younglings that it was a wolf spider. They have a preference for hunting and pouncing on prey, rather than spinning a silky web.

But it made me think.

Not everyone’s little darlings are terrified of spiders and catching & keeping ‘bugs’ in a jar. And, whether they are or not, most of them love to ask questions that stump us. For those with little ones with such enquiring minds that are fascinated rather than frightened by nature, what about our super 'Which Came First' wallpaper that feeds their curiosity and gives them something serious to dream about?

Victoria x

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