Sneak Peak: PaperGirl ...

Sneak Peak: PaperGirl ...

It’s no good, we can’t hold it in any longer. We just have to show you this glorious illustration from the new ‘PaperGirl’ wallpaper we’re launching next month. There are 3 brand new designs in the pipeline and this will be the first out of the spout. We think it gives you a flavour of what 'PaperGirl' is all about. Read on for more…

Why 'PaperGirl'

I started making wallpaper for my boys because I couldn’t find anything that reflected their interests (adventure, peril, humour) and my aesthetic (quality, beautiful colour, thoughtful design). And I wanted them to see themselves in the stories I put on their walls. So there are little Archies and Rorys in many of the designs. And now I want to make something that means young Rosies and Jennys can see themselves in their own adventures, too.

Who’s it for?

Lots of people have been in touch to say that their daughters are not the kind of girls who crave princesses, unicorns and pink. Or at least their girls are more Princess Fiona from Shrek than Princess Grace of Monaco. PaperGirl wants to celebrate the real girls of the world: the laughing, stomping, muddy, noisy, curious girls with a gleam in their eye and a hole in their socks. Proper girls, yes, but less ‘girly’ and more, well, girlesque.

What is a ‘PaperGirl’?

I grew up in the 70s. My mother made all our clothes, along with yogurt and wholemeal pastry. My sister and I wore orange and brown trouser suits. Our idea of entertainment was catching shrews in the coal shed and grooming the neighbour’s donkey while dodging his mean kicks and bites. And our idea of cleanliness was taking a bath once a week on a Sunday night.

We weren’t complete tomboys. We loved tottering round in our mum’s high heels and styling our Girls World model head, at least until the day I gave it a bob with some pinking shears and virtually scalped it trying to get the two sides equal. 

We were curious, engaged, bored, grubby, amused, cross, naughty and brimming with life. That’s what I remember about being a girl and that’s our 'PaperGirl'. A proper girl. A real girl.

Welcome to PaperBoy’s Girls World.

Victoria x 

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