Another rather smashing children's wallpaper.

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I’ve always said I love Roald Dahl, and I do. 

But I think I might love his illustrator Quentin Blake even more.  

His wonderful wallpaper collection from Osbourne and Little is called Zagazoo and I love his quirky Cockatoos, particularly.   

Blake’s famous for drawing with quill pens and scratchy nibs so his drawings are as full of ‘mistakes’ and surprise as the messy situations his characters find themselves in.

It’s no surprise that his most famous collaboration is with Dahl – neither of them flinch from reflecting the full range of childhood emotions, up to and including fear of being eaten by a BFG or grief at the loss of parents in James and the Giant Peach. Yet they’re both incredibly skilled at presenting those experiences with a light touch and in an approachable way.  

They encourage youngsters to live freely whatever life throws at them.

I think it’s Blake’s skill and interest in a rounded experience of childhood, not a perfectly saccharine one that makes his drawing so compelling. 

In our opinion the best children’s wallpaper – like the best children’s stories – reflects youngsters’ lives back to them in an inviting, colourful way but with a touch of intrigue, maybe even a hint of scariness.

A look at the bones beneath the fluff, as it were, like in our Animal Magic wallpaper.

Animal Magic grey children's wallpaper


For those of you who know the book Zagazoo, my sons are currently at the ‘strange hairy creature’ stage. Fingers crossed that they’re about to progress to ‘young man with perfect manners’. Here’s hoping.

Roald Dahl zagazoo

Image credit: Zagazoo

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