Who makes the best quality children’s wallpaper?

Image credit: Magic Roundabout children's wallpaper

This was my earliest experience of what I think was the best children’s wallpaper. I gurgled at it in my cot in the early 70s and it still makes me happy. 

As I got older I could depend on the soothing effects of an episode of The Magic Roundabout on the chaos of life. 

Dougal could be as rude and sarcastic as he liked and Brian would still be loyal.

Ermintrude never had body confidence issues despite being a strangely-shaped pink cow. Dylan was happily tolerated in the garden despite only waking up occasionally to strum his guitar and say ‘Crazy, man’. And between the magical Zebedee and the sensible Florence, order was always restored by ‘Time for bed’. 

Such was the soothing effect on the population that Leicester City Council used to play the theme tune at the end of boozy nights in clubs to stop people getting involved in fights!  I’ve no idea if it worked for them, but it certainly does for me.  ‘Dee-da-da, dee-da-da, dee-da-da, dee-da-da…’

If you’re going to have wallpaper for a child’s bedroom (and you should!) you want it to do all the things Dougal and his friends did for me when I was little. 

You want colours that cheer the heart, patterns that become familiar and comforting even when the light is dim, and characters that become friends in the endless days and nights of childhood.

A quality children’s wallpaper can do all this.  And a really good kid’s wallpaper can even be beautiful enough to make the adults happy, too. 

Go get yourself some great quality children’s wallpaper today!

PaperBoy x


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