Pink. Or is it?

Image Credit: Heart Wood

Dulux have announced their colour of the year: the winner is (ta-da!) Heart Wood. 

They describe it as ‘a beautiful warm pink’ and show you all manner of ways to use it on their site. I like it. The name suggests nature and warm coziness combined. 

It sounds – and looks – like a benevolent colour, nurturing in these hard times. 

I do wonder how long it took them to come up with the name. 

As we know here at PaperBoy, it’s all too easy to get skittish when you start naming colours. If you’ve been with us from the beginning you’ll remember our slightly hysterical journey from enjoying the idea of ‘Cat’s Paw’ for a soft taupe colour, to hilariously considering ‘Mangey Dog’ and collapsing completely when we came across ‘Atomic Vomit Green’ and ‘Old Canal’ in actual paint catalogues.

But aside from the name, I also wonder about the description. 

Pink? Is it? In some lights it looks more heathery, or mauve. With certain surroundings almost grey. Again, I like it! 

I notice that in their promo video for Heart Wood, Dulux have been clever in avoiding any sickliness in the colour schemes by using brown, particularly in the form of natural wood, to anchor the pinky palette and prevent it from becoming bland. It’s worth noting that purple and sometimes a strong blue can perform the same function, as Dulux demonstrates in the pictures.

 Dulux Heart Wood

Image Credit: Heart Wood

Pink has been kidnapped and ransomed in recent decades by a relentless ‘girlifying’. 

It’s turned pink into a sugary mockery of its glorious self and diminished both the colour itself and the very idea of what femininity can be.  No wonder it inspired the protests of Pinkstinks, an organization that campaigns for more diverse and positive representations of girls and boys in the world and has the strapline There’s more than one way to be a girl.

PaperGirl couldn’t agree more! 

And our new designs demonstrate how girls can be adventurous and brave as well as fierce, funny, noisy and curious.  We think of it as being less ‘girly’ and more girlesque.  

I can’t tell you what colours our General Miss Chief designs will come in, yet, but you can be sure it won’t be Barbie pink.  Though I wonder what PaperGirl Pink would be like...

Victoria x

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