Why are pineapples just so fabuous?

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Hello old fruit. 

As colour and light drain from the outside world, what lovelier thing to do than pep up the inside with dreams of sunshine, warmth and vibrant colour?  

It may be northern winter outside, but it can be eternal tropical summer indoors with .... pineapples!

We take them for granted nowadays, picking up a golden fruit for a quid or so at Sainsbury’s. 

So it’s amazing to think that in the 18th century they were so rare and coveted as a symbol of wealth and luxury that aristocrats were known to pay the equivalent of £8,000 for a single fruit to display at a banquet. 

The golden fruit was celebrated in one of the most bizarre buildings in Scotland, at Dunmore Park in Sterlingshire. So pleased was the Earl of Dunmore at managing to grow the fruit, he had this extraordinary folly built.

The Dunmore Pineapple Scotalnd

Image credit: The Telegraph

While you may not have the budget to build a monument to pineapples, you could enjoy their cheering properties in some wallpaper by Barneby Gates.

Barnbey Gates Pink Pineapple Wallpaper

And if you really do only have a quid to spend, a pineapple is a nutritious way of spending it. Pineapples will strengthen your bones, protect your eyesight, calm down inflammation, and boost your immune system.

(I like to take mine like this!)

Pina Colada Jamie Oliver

Image credit: Jamie Oliver

Victoria x

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