Truly roar-some

Like everyone else we had some time on our hands during the lockdown. So to keep ourselves out of mischief we had some fun developing a new product. And just look at what we came up with.

Customisable dino prints. 

Genius, right? 

Inspired by our bestest selling dinosaur wallpaper design ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus'. 

Rory Saurus Dinosaur Print

There’s a ‘Saurus’ or a ‘Dactyl’ to choose from. When ordering just let us have the name of the dino nut you harbour in your home & we’ll create a smashing print just for them. 

They come in a variety of bang on trend colour combos, so they’ll chime in with your beautiful aesthetic. 

You can have them in small or medium, unframed or in a box frame. They’d make a really fun birthday or Christmas gift. 

They’re available to order from our friends at Not On The High Street. 


Time flys

Good grief! Where is the time going?   

This started as a ‘there goes January’ piece but now we’re charging on into March. And, for those of you stuck in the 9 to 5, it’s starting to get light in the evenings and the daffs are blooming everywhere. 

Have you noticed how the months now seem to be as much about a charity or health as they are for marking the stages of the year? Dry January is now so totally the norm that this year the drinks industry was celebrating the jackpot of the combination of the end of Dry January, a Friday and most peoples’ pay day.   

And it doesn’t stop there.

Do you go Sober for October too? Or, if you’re a fella, do you grow a ‘tache in November, (with I’m told either admiring glances or controlled smirks from passers-by depending on the level of growth).  

Dry January was great from a health and wellbeing perspective but most of these things are either about suffering pain or embarrassment for a good cause or personal denial to improve ourselves on the inside.  

So hey, why not think about doing something for ourselves and improving things around us as well.  We’ve blogged before about the positive effects on wellbeing of our surroundings – why not make a (nearly) new year resolution to transform those dull painted walls with some fabulous wallpaper. 

Egg & Animal Purple Kid's Wallpaper

Victoria x

space themed blue wallpaper with small table & Lego model

Autumn and Aliens

Settling down on the sofa the other evening & switching on the TV I was struck by how much certain TV shows have become a marker for the time of year. 

I only have to hear the opening notes of the ‘Strictly’ theme tune and I know it’s an autumn evening. It’s the same for ‘BGT’ in the spring and ‘Love Island’ in the summer. All of them as defining of the seasons as daffodils in spring and falling leaves in the autumn.

What’s the current essential viewing for a Sunday evening?

Another bash at ‘The War of The Worlds’. And that got me to thinking how universal the fascination with space and what’s ‘out there’ is across all ages. 

Whether its memories of moon landings, Storm Troopers (I saw one walking through Frome in Wiltshire once, casually browsing the shop windows) or Button Moon.

There really is something for everyone.

‘The War of The Worlds’ reminded me why we created our ‘The Final Frontier’ wallpaper design.

The Final Frontier blue space themed wallpaper

Rockets, flying saucers and aliens are just endlessly fascinating themes. Order some for your walls today.

Victoria x

Small terrier being hugged by young girl in a field

Autumnal Wellbeing

We love our dogs at PaperBoy.

Not least because they get us up ‘n’ stomping around outside. Who can resist Fred and Kodak when they want to go for a blast of fresh air on an autumnal Tuesday afternoon?

There’s no better time of year to enjoy being outside. Thinking about getting home again to stews, log fires and a glass or two of something sustaining.

I get reminded by my daily newsfeed of the impact of our environment on our physical and mental wellbeing and how it’s all about colours and space and calm.  Not sure how they work it out, but apparently our physical environment is responsible for up to 40% of our feelings of wellbeing.

No wonder we feel refreshed after an autumn walk.

Which is funny though as autumn is all about dying and the coming to the end of nature’s year.

Most wellbeing studies focus on the workplace.  We think that there’s no place like home to work on your wellness by introducing a bit of colour and calm to your surroundings.

How about some of our ''ere be dragons' wallpaper in autumnal taupe & burnt orange to get you started.

Victoria x

Spider season is upon us.

It’s that time of year again.

Running upstairs after a huge scream to be told - in between gasps - of a spider the size of a giant's fist hiding behind the wardrobe.

Turned out to be the size of a 10p piece and was happy to be safely popped out of the bathroom window. I thought it probs best not to share with the younglings that it was a wolf spider. They have a preference for hunting and pouncing on prey, rather than spinning a silky web.

But it made me think.

Not everyone’s little darlings are terrified of spiders and catching & keeping ‘bugs’ in a jar. And, whether they are or not, most of them love to ask questions that stump us. For those with little ones with such enquiring minds that are fascinated rather than frightened by nature, what about our super 'Which Came First' wallpaper that feeds their curiosity and gives them something serious to dream about?

Victoria x

5 Children’s Room Essentials

This week we got together with Shuayb Patel from OWO Living to compile a short list of 5 essential things that all children’s rooms should have. From their earliest days through to being a toddler and eventually a young teen, a child’s bedroom can be a place that actively encourages fun whilst still being effortlessly practical at all times - but how do you strike that perfect balance?

Here's our 5 essentials for any kids’ bedroom from fun-inspiring wallpaper to smart storage solutions. 

Wonderful walls.

 Warm grey dinosaur wallpaper

As it’s the room where your little darlings will spend much of their days & nights, the bedroom should be a space where they love to spend their time. Using gorgeous colour and patterns children’s wallpaper is a great place to start in your quest to inspire creativity. 

Whether your little ones are dinosaur mad or simply can’t get enough of farm animals, channel their love by bringing it to life on their bedroom walls. If you’re worried that their obsession with planets might just be a passing phase, why not opt for a fun wallpaper option that will never go out of fashion? This way, you can keep your wallpaper for longer than a few weeks and add different accessories to the room as your children’s passions change.

A multi-functional bed.

Fun Kid's Hot air Balloon Bed

While it might be tempting to splash out on a themed bed for your princess-obsessed 5 year old, come her next birthday, you might find that she’s unwilling to sleep in a bright pink castle shaped bed. We’d recommend opting for something a little simpler like an ottoman storage bed, which could be a better long-term solution to your problems by doubling-up as a functional storage space for all those toys. From there, simply switch up the bedding, curtains and rugs to match your little ones’ latest fixation.

 A splash of personality.

 Kids Own Art Work On Display

As they grow, your children will be keen to express themselves in their own ways, and their bedroom is the perfect canvas. From the name sign on the door to the colour of the furniture, nothing puts a stamp on a child’s bedroom quite like adding in some personality. Here’s your chance to get them involved in making this space their own. 

Depending on their age, you can also begin introducing chores and responsibilities. This could be anything from putting their laundry in a basket and watering a plant to feeding and cleaning out a pet’s tank. Whatever works for your family, these small jobs will serve as a useful tool in putting them on the path to independence from a young age.

Smart storage.

 Smart Kids Storage Ideas

As any parent knows, there’s simply never enough storage. And if you have more than one child you’re bound to need more space. With this in mind, when it comes to storage space, you’ll need to get creative. 

Floor space is precious so, from hanging shoe racks for stuffed animals to shelf-mounted jars for pencils and crayons, it’s time to think outside the box. Baskets, drawers and trays can all provide handy storage solutions, so head over to Pinterest to find your next dose of inspiration.

Creative added extras.

If you’re a minimalist kinda’ person the idea of toys strewn around the bedroom on a daily basis is probably enough to make you break out into a sweat. But kids are at their happiest when surrounded by their favourite playthings. 

If your child is proving to be a budding artist or keen astronomer, why not encourage this within their own bedroom? Whether it’s books they’re particularly fond of reading, or paintings they’re especially proud of, get these little added extras out on display for all to see.

Kids Book shelf display

So, whether you’re combining education & design with animal wallpaper or putting your little ones’ artistic skills to use by having them create their own pencil pots, toy boxes and more, by following these 5 tips you can inject a little creativity and personality into your children’s bedrooms.

Victoria & Shuayb x

Game Of Thrones Series 8

How To Decorate Your House For The Next Season Of Game Of Thrones.

The night is dark and full of top decorating tips.

Winter is here, and so is the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones . We've been through a lot since Ned Stark's beheading in King's Landing, and it's finally come down to this—who, or what, will sit upon the Iron Throne? While you wait for this important info and the fate of our favourite characters here are our pick of the top 6 GoT must have home décor gear to remember all that we've been through these past seven seasons.

1: Who doesn’t need this Cat Bed Iron Throne in their life? Your cat is no doubt the ruler of the house—and they should be treated that way with this insane throne fit for your furball. All hail Fluffy of the House Kitty, First of Her Name, The Unscratched, Protector of the Crazy Cat Lady, Breaker of Leashes and Mother of Furbabies!

Cat Bed Iron Throne

2: Game Of Thrones Shield Night Light. Show your loyalty to House Stark with this direwolf nightlight. And don't forget—the night is dark and full of terrors.

Game of thrones night light

3: Khaleesi and Khal Drogo were by far the cutest power couple on GOT—don't even try to argue—so why not channel their love with these adorable prints? Share them with your loved one, or just yourself—self love is still important!

Game of thrones art work

4: Live like the Mother of Dragons with this super cute dragon wallpaper.

Game of thrones dragon themed wallpaper

5: Pay tribute to the fallen Stark direwolves with this paper statue—and let's hope Ghost and Nymeria make it until the end.

Game of thrones winter is here wolf head

6: Or get ready to hide during the scary bits behind this Mother Of Dragons linen cushion.

game of thrones red & blue dragon cushion

Happy watching.

Victoria x






Little Greene Sample Pot Paint Cans

How To Choose The Best Paint Colour For Your Wallpaper?

We love wallpaper at PaperBoy – can you tell?

But we also understand that wallpaper is just one teeny-tiny part of your own home design. There are so many thing to think about when creating your just oh so perfect home. One vital think is to be able to choose the right paint to go with your favourite - PaperBoy or otherwise – wallpaper.

When it comes to choosing colours for our wallpapers, we often start with a paint chip & our current paint crush is for Little Greene. They make glorious quality paints with equally glorious names that tell their own tale.

Who is ‘Angie’ – she’s pink for sure, but what’s her story? Or there’s ‘Adventurer’, ‘Julie’s Dream’ and ‘Mischief’. Fabulous!

How do you go about finding the right colour for your home?

Here are a few handy hints.

Get Inspired.

Use home magazines and Pinterest to find inspiration in what other people have done. Collate your favourite images into a mood board so you can understand the final look and feel.

Buy testers.

Sample paint pots are a great way to test the colour in your space before committing to anything drastic. Farrow & Ball recommend painting an A4 sheet of paper so you can see how the colour looks around the room

Consider lighting.

What will your paint colours look like in natural light? At night? In artificial lighting? Lighting is so important when it comes to choosing paint colours. Spend some time analysing your colour choices in various stages of lighting. What looks great on Pinterest may not work in the lighting of your home.

So what’s stopping you?

Snuggle down with a cup o tea, the latest edition of Elle Decoration & a fully charged iPad set to Pinterest. That’s a windy weekend on the sofa sorted.

Victoria x

Patterns Are The New Black.

Some of you may remember my delight in this wallpaper. So imagine my excitement on hearing that animal prints are on the rise again. 

And not Bet Lynch barmaid leopard prints, but actual whole leopards stalking about in glorious colours. 

The influential lifestyle and interior design community, Apartment Therapy have declared this their first ever 'pattern of the year'.  They were bored with the plain old ‘colour of the year’ that the likes of Patone and Dulux promote and thought it was time that pattern got its own cheerleader.

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Dog Scandal #11

We haven’t had one of these in a while and believe me I’ve been looking out for wicked things she’s done, if only so I can share them with you.

But something’s changed. Rather than get bothered by her naughtiness I’ve found myself being inspired by the example she sets. 

I know! Who knew?

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