Are you hunting for the loveliest children’s curtain fabric?

Image credit: Glorious children's bedroom curtains

I want fabrics in my house to have heft, texture, softness and sway. I want the colours and patterns to soothe and delight.  I want them to make my home feel like a home: comfortable, elegant, harmonious and a little bit luxurious.

Before I thought about setting up my own business and was looking for the best children’s curtain fabric, I loved Cath Kidston’s early prints. 

She began her business with car boot finds and vintage material and you can see that in her early designs: they have that sense of softness that’s like the patina on antique furniture. You don’t notice it directly but the pattern and colours are somehow easy on the eye and soothing to the spirit.

My favourite was a pale grey and pink ticking - sadly no longer available - a bit like this. 

Childrens stripeed curtain fabric

Image credit: Vintage striped curtain fabric

It’s slightly understated, classic and pretty. In my mind the best children’s curtain fabric is also the best adult’s curtain fabric!

The trouble for someone trying to stand out in the marketplace is that understated and subtle can’t shout as loudly as bright and busy. A designer seeks out a trademark look because…well, you can trademark and copyright it and make a lot more money.

But something is lost in the finding of that USP. 

When you focus too hard on that popular motif or pattern or colour it becomes fixed.  Even the most charming smile becomes rigid if you have to hold it too long.

The best children’s curtain fabrics are not necessarily the most shouty.

PaperBoy x

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