Linen – can’t get enough of that beautiful stuff.

Image credit: I Love Linen campaign

Just one thing to say this week: Linen.

You may have noticed a nationwide campaign in April called I Love Linen

I spotted it at Jigsaw, but it is supported by myriad retailers and designers from Vivienne Westwood to John Lewis. Ethics, quality and sustainability are at the heart of the campaign and I, for one, am thrilled to cheer it on. 

If you missed it there’s a great site you can visit: I Love Linen

Flax field in France

At PaperBoy we’ve only ever used linen for our fabric for all the reasons the campaign has so clearly highlighted. And in case you missed our blog last year which you can re read here, briefly here are the main points:

-          It has a wonderful, soft, relaxed handle to it that only grows better over time.  (Some of my most prized silky-smooth sheets originally graced my grandmother’s bed.)

-          It’s completely natural

-          It grows close to home so has many fewer air miles

-          It’s eco-friendly, using much less water to grow than cotton

-          It’s a very strong fibre

-          It absorbs colour very well

Linen bed linen Designers Guild

Image credit: Designers Guild linen bedding

Just recently I’ve had cause to appreciate another wonderful quality of linen. 

As a woman of a certain age, I’ve been waking in my silk pajamas ‘glowing’ rather more than is comfortable. Changing to linen bedwear has transformed my nights to cool comfort and extra snoozing. 

Maybe they’d like to include that on the I Love Linen site…

Victoria x

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