Which Came First?

Image credit: 'Which Came First' children's wallpaper

I’ve made thirteen wallpaper designs since we launched in 2009.

Dragons and dinosaurs for my boys when they were little, planes and robots for the aerophiles and technophiles, adventurous girls for the little women, stripes and jigsaw pieces in response to requests for something more abstract.  

But this is the only one I made just for me.

It was the seahorse that did it. It made me laugh.

Such an extraordinary creature to look at and such an original way of living its life.

Seahorses mate for life, swim linked together in pairs, do an eight-hour courtship dance in which they change colour for their partner’s entertainment and, of course, the male gives birth to the babies.  As many as 1,500 at a time.

That’s what I call a good dad!

Beautiful blue seahorse

Image credit: Glorious seahorse

Then I remembered the male penguin also helps with the eggs, keeping them warm on his feet for months.

So he was in the design. Another good dad, and, frankly hilarious.

What other unlikely creatures came from an egg?

Sharks?  Yes, but only two species (bamboo and zebra, since you ask). Then there’s the obvious, but nonetheless comic, ostrich, the only egg-born mammal the platypus, spiders, sea turtles and alligators.  

The animals I chose were pretty random and I chose them for no other reason than they all appealed to me.

So despite me making Which Came First on a whim, with no thought at all for the market or how it might please others, it’s perhaps my most successful design. 

And it remains the one I love the most.

There might be a lesson for us all in there…

Victoria x

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