What is good taste?

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What is good taste?

Well, that depends.  It can be anything you like. But you have to really, truly like it. It has to be an authentic expression of who you are. 

So if you’re trying to be tasteful with your take on Kelly Hoppen wall-to-wall greige when what really floats your boat is Kaffe Fassett’s colour explosions it’s going to look odd.  And it will make you unhappy and uncomfortable.

By the same token, if you truly love kitsch then even the craziest collection of garden gnomes can be cool.  Just don’t buy a load because someone told you Princess Catherine has some.

The point is, you can’t buy good taste. 

If you truly love pastels or flounce or clean lines then indulge them with all your heart. It’ll feel great because it’s true to you. It’s real.

I love classic furniture, muted colours, blue sofas and my dog.  But hey, if you like white plastic shelving, all your walls made of glass and a living room the shape of a space ship, you’re in good company.  Take a look at the house Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend gave her. (And who would dare tell Ms Campbell she hasn’t got good taste?)

Naomi Campbells House

Image credit: http://inhabitat.com/naomi-campbells-massive-island-eco-house-in-turkey-is-shaped-like-the-eye-of-horus/

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