Bringing the garden in

Image Credit: Snow drops

Bringing the garden in as spring comes on.

The snowdrops have been out for a fortnight round my local cenotaph. And it’s been snowing.

It never fails to amaze me how hardy British nature is. How can that delicate fresh green push up so relentlessly through the frozen earth?

And those fragile little bells stand the cold?! But they do, every year without fail and herald the appearance of daffodils and primroses and crocuses on my dog walks in the woods.

Even the odd violet. 

Hyacinth bulbs in a kitchen

Image credit: Hyacinth bulbs

I don’t have a garden to speak of.

But I do love reminders of nature perking without having to always brave the elements. From December 'til March I’m never without indoor bulbs.

I plant blue hyacinth bulbs and white-and-yellow narcissus in pretty pots at Christmas so there is growing life and heavenly scent when the winter seems thoroughly dug in. 

Pussy willow

Image credit: Pussy Willow

While apple and cherry trees reserve their glorious displays ‘til April or May, there’s pussy willow as early as February, Blackthorns bloom later in the month and by March pears, plums and damsons make their show of delicate bridal white blossom. 

There’s something about the leafless branches with their brave little flowers that brings calm and elegance. We’ve become so sophisticated but what is more beautiful than hand-gathered nature?

Maybe if you took my urging to decorate to heart last month you might try something bold like this:

'EARLHAM' DESIGN de gournay

Image credit: de Gournay

Or this:

Cole & Son Bourlie wallpaper

Image credit: Cole and Son

Spring optimism inside and all year round!

Victoria x

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