How To Decorate Your House For The Next Season Of Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones Series 8

The night is dark and full of top decorating tips.

Winter is here, and so is the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones . We've been through a lot since Ned Stark's beheading in King's Landing, and it's finally come down to this—who, or what, will sit upon the Iron Throne? While you wait for this important info and the fate of our favourite characters here are our pick of the top 6 GoT must have home décor gear to remember all that we've been through these past seven seasons.

1: Who doesn’t need this Cat Bed Iron Throne in their life? Your cat is no doubt the ruler of the house—and they should be treated that way with this insane throne fit for your furball. All hail Fluffy of the House Kitty, First of Her Name, The Unscratched, Protector of the Crazy Cat Lady, Breaker of Leashes and Mother of Furbabies!

Cat Bed Iron Throne

2: Game Of Thrones Shield Night Light. Show your loyalty to House Stark with this direwolf nightlight. And don't forget—the night is dark and full of terrors.

Game of thrones night light

3: Khaleesi and Khal Drogo were by far the cutest power couple on GOT—don't even try to argue—so why not channel their love with these adorable prints? Share them with your loved one, or just yourself—self love is still important!

Game of thrones art work

4: Live like the Mother of Dragons with this super cute dragon wallpaper.

Game of thrones dragon themed wallpaper

5: Pay tribute to the fallen Stark direwolves with this paper statue—and let's hope Ghost and Nymeria make it until the end.

Game of thrones winter is here wolf head

6: Or get ready to hide during the scary bits behind this Mother Of Dragons linen cushion.

game of thrones red & blue dragon cushion

Happy watching.

Victoria x






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