Fresh new year.

Image Credit: Discarded Christmas tree

January 6th was my mum’s birthday. 

She’d always take down the Christmas decorations on this day, and we were never quite sure whether it was because it was Twelfth Night, or because she wanted to day to be all about her. 

Either way, decorations never stay up in my house beyond this date. 

What I like about taking down the tree and the tinsel is the sense of making a clean start. 

It seems like I can suddenly breathe a bit deeper when the swags and baubles are swept away and the mantelpiece is dusted and polished. And as a bonus it’s great at prompting any other clearing out that needs doing. 

Yesterday Archie and I took a big load of stuff to the recycling centre.  

He dumped an old bike he got for his 11th birthday.  I chucked out a lovely old coffee machine that is beyond repair.  We’d both loved our belongings and it was hard to let go.

But they were outgrown or outworn and we came away genuinely lightened in spirits.

What I don’t like about the Twelfth Night ritual is that vague sense of melancholy.

The merriment is over for another year.  It makes me a bit sad.

But wait. 

Is this not the season of sales? Surely they are there to help us fill with new beauty the spaces left by the sparkle and colour of Christmas!

That’s certainly what it felt like when I came across a pair of heathery-coloured velvet cushions and a soft woolen throw on the gorgeous Designers’ Guild website. 

Designers Guild Velvet Cushion

Image Credit: Designers Guild Polonaise Iris Cushion

January is traditionally a month of belt-tightening and not many of us can manage a full-on restyle of a room.  But these few bargain-priced beautiful items have refreshed my sitting room and cheered my heart.

And because they’re beautiful, but in a sale, I’m completely in tune with Her Fabulousness Vivienne Westwood.

Vivienne Westwood Quote

Image Credit: Vivienne Westwood

So there’s New Year’s resolutions sorted in a twinkling. 

And my recommendations for a happier January. 

If the children’s rooms are the focus of your New Year clean sweep, take a look at our blog from June on decluttering kids’ rooms without breaking your heart.

Victoria x

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