Image credit: Glorious silk bathrooom curtain

Silk. Silky. Silken.

We use the words to describe everything from chocolate to shampoo to a persuasive tone of voice. 

It’s a wonderfully sensuous description whether applying to touch, taste, sight or hearing. It conjures up images of something smooth, lustrous, soft, fine, flowing, touchable, luxurious.

Everything that silk is.  

Well, actually, not everything. 

There are more types of silk than you can shake a stick at and they can be anything from smooth and satiny to rough and nobbly, sheeny and iridescent to matt and nubby, crisp and structured to soft and fluid, heavy as water to light as air. 

The names of the many varieties are almost as gorgeous as the material itself: Charmeuse, chiffon, Georgette, Crepe de Chine, organza, shantung, Peau de Soie, habutai, Tussah, Fuji, gauze…shall I go on?

Most of us have a favourite silk garment, often kept for ‘best’. 

Maybe underwear or sheets or a special peignoir.  When I found myself single in my twenties and missing the pleasure of warm skin next to mine, I bought the heaviest silk pajamas I could find. 

I found them a remarkably comforting substitute!

But silk really comes into its own on a larger scale. 

What can beat the drama of a swag of silk curtains in a grand hallway or sumptuous drawing room?

Silk curtains in an entry way

Image credit: Silk curtains in an entry way

Or the breath taking decadence of silk-lined walls.

silk painted walls

Image credit: Painted Chinese silk paper Fromental

The prices for silk wallcoverings are also decadent and only available with a specialist bespoke service like de Gournay or James Hare.

The one above would be extra-expensive as it is also hand-painted.

But what is life if we can’t dream?!

Though as always, you can fake it with some raw silk-look wallpaper:

Faux silk wallpaper

Image credit: Faux silk wallpaper

And if the budget’s really tight this month, there’s a lot you can do with a handful of stunning cushions.

Silk cushions from John Lewis

Image credit: Jown Lewis

Twenty-five quid a pop from John Lewis.  Marvellous.

Victoria x

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