It's Easter? Who knew ...

Image credit: Carribean Easter kites

Chicks, eggs, the Bunny…all the usuals for Easter.  Bor. Ing.  Ok, that’s harsh. I like to scoff chocolate and decorate cutely with the best of them. But what else happens at Easter?

Well let me tell you. 

In the Greek islands they hurl pots out of windows and have a rocket fight between two churches. 

In Bermuda and the Caribbean they fly brilliantly coloured kites. In Texas the town of Fredricksburg sets fires on a dozen hills surrounding the town. 

In some parts of the Czech Republic the men flick the women with whips and the women douse the men in icy cold water. Ouch.  And brrrrrr. 

In Florence they set a fake dove on the altar of the Cathedral, the Cardinal sets it alight, the flame travels along a long fuse which then blows up a cart full of fireworks.

What I love about all that is they get colourful and passionate. 

Just like nature is doing with its thawing and blooming after this extraordinary winter. Makes me feel like splashing some brightness and pattern around the place. This week I’ve been on a mission to find the most out there inspiration for the most colourful, no-holds barred, don’t-care-what-you-think interiors.

There’s plenty of historical precedent. 

For gorgeousness and grandiosity you can’t get much better than the tomb of Akbar the Great at Agra, India.

Akbar the Great at Agra

Image credit: Tomb of Akbar the Great at Agra

For a less baroque (and more manageable!) approach, though, you could go pastel…

Pastel sitting room

Image credit: Pastel sitting room

Or go completely pattern-tastic (my favourite type of decorating …)

Patterned bedroom

Image credit: Pattern-tastic bedroom

Or the old town in Wroclaw, Poland.

Wroclaw, Poland

Image credit: Glorious town square

Or ok, we could stick to some traditions that are close to home, and slightly easier to achieve.

Chocolate, bunnies, coloured eggs.

Easter bunny dog

Image credit: Easter bunny dog

Happy Easter everyone.

Victoria x

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