Dog Scandal #11

Image credit: That Twerp

We haven’t had one of these in a while and believe me I’ve been looking out for wicked things she’s done, if only so I can share them with you.

But something’s changed. Rather than get bothered by her naughtiness I’ve found myself being inspired by the example she sets. 

Mixed breed terrier on a frosty morning field walk

I know! Who knew?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she’s been donating to charity or saving children from burning buildings. And when we’re out walking she does do naughty things: she’ll bark furiously at a passing mutt, or even a jogger (she’s not a saint) or maybe nick a stray ball and run off with it. 

I am mortified and feel a bit sweaty for half an hour after I’ve grabbed her collar, shouted, apologised profusely or shaken the slobber off the ball and returned it to its rightful owner. 

Mixed breed terrier pulling a big stick through the woods

But Doggo? No such dwelling on the past.  

Once she’s had a woof, or chased a bike, or had the stolen ball removed from her jaws and sent back to its owner that’s it for her. It’s all forgotten. No shame at the misbehavior, no lasting guilt.

A walk is just too wonderful to mar with regrets and recriminations. She doesn’t sulk that I’ve yelled ‘Drop it!’ at the top of my voice and glared at her with fury in my face. There are too many smells to be sniffed, too much grass to be rolled in, too many balls to be nicked… 

It’s all too wonderful to dwell on what’s in the past. 

I think there’s a lesson there for all of us. 

Victoria x

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