“De Gournay helps realise your dreams of a perfect interior.” Oh, yes.

Image credit: Glorious De Gournay wall panels

Here at PaperBoy Wallpaper we’re keen, as you know, on making the world a more beautiful place, one home at a time. 

Most of us don’t have unlimited amounts of cash to do that with, and it’s a good thing: beauty is certainly not just a money-dependent thing. 

But sometimes, oh, wouldn’t it be very heaven to be able to spend a king’s ransom on perfection? 

To have the most beautifully made, original, luxurious decorations and geegaws?  Hand-painted Chinoiserie on the walls (maybe £600-£1,000 a panel – hand painted wallpaper doesn’t come in rolls!). 

Hand-made porcelain for your afternoon tea (about £500 for a plate.)

De Gournay Dinner Service

Image Credit: Balmoral dinner service by De Gournay

This week, you have our complete permission to dream. 

And if you really can’t find the moolah to make those dreams a reality maybe take the inspiration from de Gournay but swap in something slightly more affordable.

This is Great Ormond Street wallpaper from Little Greene at £80-£90 a roll.

Great Ormond Street wallpaper by Little Greene

Image credit: Little Greene wallpaper

This is Jasper Conran’s Floral design from Wedgwood. 

A mere £21 for a tea plate.

Jasper conran floral crockery for Wedgwood

Image credit: Wedgwood

Don’t know how you get a cut-price gold-leaf ceiling.

A square metre of real gold leaf will set you back about £80 on Amazon. You’ll have to do the maths. But if you’re a gilding fan you could bling up your house with something more modest.

This extraordinary desk was painted by the very talented Jonathon Marc Mendes with Annie Sloan chalk paints and loose leaf copper.

Jonathon Marc Mendes copper leaf desk

Image credit: Jonathon Marc Mendes

Or take a look at his tutorials and do it yourself!

Victoria x

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