Colours: how they make you feel in a room.

(Image credit: La nuit étoilée, Vincent Van Gogh 1888. Musée d'Orsay, Paris)

This months colour is .... blue.

Blue is the world’s favourite colour and that’s official!

Even in countries like China where red symbolises joy and green brings prosperity, more people love blue than any other colour. Maybe it’s because it reminds us of the sky and the sea, maybe it’s because of its calming properties. Maybe it’s because of its spacious quality: it can fool the eye into thinking surfaces are further away and so make a small space seem bigger.

We all want to be calm and spacious but blue can also be chilly. 

So maybe not in a north facing room where the light also is cold. Or warm it up.  Or choose a soft shade that veers towards the purple (a touch of red in the blue) like our ‘Animal Magic’ blue screen printed wallpaper.


And if the theme is also comforting it mitigates the frostiness – have a look at our ‘How it works’ wallpaper with powder blue animals.


Incidentally, did you know that blue was for girls until relatively recently. 

Red of all shades including all pink was considered overstimulating for delicate females.  They were steered towards the soothingness of blue – like the Madonna in religious iconography – and pink was for the strong and sturdy boys!

A Little bit of Doggo.

Doggo loves blue and yellow.  I like to think that’s because she’s open like the sky and cheerful like the sun.  But my Clever Friend says it’s because dogs can only see in blue and yellow. I like my version better.

Victoria x

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