Children’s rooms: essential things to have.

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When Rory and Archie were small we loved spending time together in their room.  But because they were twins in single beds I had to choose whose bed to sit on when I read bedtime stories or did that lovely settle-down snuggling thing. 

My solution was to have a little sofa in the room that we could all get comfy on.  That sofa became the centre of their world.  It was the safe place to cuddle and talk to me and each other, their first support when they started to walk, their pirate ship and the island it sailed to, and occasionally a last resort bed for me when they were sick and I couldn’t bear to leave them.

They also loved being thrown onto in by their dad – boys are odd. (Luckily it’s a Ligne Roset Togo sofa so there are no hard bits to hurt!)

Those long nights listening to them snuffle and cough, or worrying about their hot little heads I got to thinking about all the other things that made their rooms special.  Over time I got it down to an essential 6.

1. Relaxing.

I think bedrooms are for relaxing and sleeping in so I kept those pesky, noisy toys downstairs. I also generally kept the room as spacious and uncluttered as possible so I could move around easily, and feel a sense of calm.

2. Beds.

In the spirit of uncluttered, and because they were twins, they shared one cot for the first 6 months. After that we had matching truckle beds with a spare mattress under for sleepovers.  All very neat and tidy.

3. Windows

As you know if you read my post about babies’ rooms, I’m a firm believer in the benefits of blackout blinds.  But they’re not the prettiest, so I had lovely thick curtains over the top.  Who says practical has to be putrid?

4. A radio/iphone.

For those long nights. I used to have Radio 4 on low when I spent the night in their room. My two now drift off to sleep listening to radio 4 extra …


For you and for them. I know someone who read his toddler ‘War & Peace’. They don’t really care as long as they’re having some quality time.

6. A pet.

Well, ok, maybe everyone doesn’t want a living animal in the room (don’t worry, Doggo, I still love you). But everyone needs a creature of softness and fluffiness for comfort and late night conversation.  In psychology it’s called a ‘transitional object’ but in childhood it’s called a friend. My sister had a cuddly crocodile, which explains a lot, come to think of it…


Talking about children’s rooms has brought me over all nostalgic.  I loved - and the boys did too - their Wind in The Willows wallpaper by Osborne & Little.

Wind in the Willows wallpaper

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We had it in the green colour way.  If they hadn’t deleted it I’d never have started my business as I was all set to buy it again when we moved house! 

Victoria x

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