Our rather lovely 'Spitifires' white & red children's material.

Image credit: Little Chairs

One of the reasons I started designing for kids was because I wanted to get away from the leery, branded Man Utd type prints so often printed in unappealing, shouty red-and-white. 

So why do I so love PaperBoy’s Spitfire pattern in…red and white?! 

I surprise myself with my love of this fabric but for me it’s all about the quality of the colours and the material.

Our red was inspired by my favourite Chanel nail varnish in Dragon Rouge which is a ‘true’ red – neither orangey-red nor blue-red. Just perfection.

Spitfires white & red childs upholstered chair

Image credit: PaperBoy 'Spitfires' white & red linen.

Then we use an ‘old white’ shade, which is softened even more by being printed on the tactile, slightly open weave of our environmentally-friendly linen.

Finally, the rhythmic pattern of the planes, and the broken lines of the images evoke the impression of happy cheering more than aggressive yelling.

All combined our Spitfire fabric is a beautiful way of introducing a pop of enlivening red to lift the spirits and inspire the imagination. 

Try it on blinds, curtains or a favourite chair (matching racing car optional!)

Of course your smalls don’t need to think of any of this. 

They can just enjoy their fantasies of ‘dancing the skies on laughter-silvered wings’ as the poet and pilot John Gillespie Magee so eloquently described his experience of flying a Spitfire.

Victoria x

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