Eats, Shoots And Leaves ...

Image credit: The Lake House At Ferry Point

I know it’s not summer any more.

The days are shorter, the wind is occasionally sharp and my sweet peas are at their absolute last gasp.

But according to the weather wizards there’s at least one bit of good news: it’s going to be a colourful autumn.

Cold springs and hot summers are just the conditions leaves need to produce their most stunning displays. And that’s just what we’ve had in 2018. All we need now is some cold nights and we can look forward to a spectacular show of reds, oranges and golds. 

A colourful fall is said to be worth billions to the tourist industry in New England, but you don’t have to go that far. This is Allen Banks in Northumberland.

Allen Banks Northumberland

And if tramping through the fallen leaves is not your idea of fun (really?) or you’d rather enjoy the type that you never have to rake off the lawn, try some of these… 

If you are the kind of person that simply can’t stand the thought of winter coming after the leaves have fallen, kid yourself you’re in a tropical paradise with this palmy wall mural from House Of Hackney at Liberty.

House Of Hackney Palmeral Wallpaper

One more good thing I’ve heard.

The hot summer means the bees have made a bumper crop of honey to warm our hot winter toddies. 

Let’s celebrate the honey bees!

Bee Wallpaper

Image Credit: Timorous Beasties

Victoria x

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