Autumn and Aliens

space themed blue wallpaper with small table & Lego model

Settling down on the sofa the other evening & switching on the TV I was struck by how much certain TV shows have become a marker for the time of year. 

I only have to hear the opening notes of the ‘Strictly’ theme tune and I know it’s an autumn evening. It’s the same for ‘BGT’ in the spring and ‘Love Island’ in the summer. All of them as defining of the seasons as daffodils in spring and falling leaves in the autumn.

What’s the current essential viewing for a Sunday evening?

Another bash at ‘The War of The Worlds’. And that got me to thinking how universal the fascination with space and what’s ‘out there’ is across all ages. 

Whether its memories of moon landings, Storm Troopers (I saw one walking through Frome in Wiltshire once, casually browsing the shop windows) or Button Moon.

There really is something for everyone.

‘The War of The Worlds’ reminded me why we created our ‘The Final Frontier’ wallpaper design.

The Final Frontier blue space themed wallpaper

Rockets, flying saucers and aliens are just endlessly fascinating themes. Order some for your walls today.

Victoria x

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