Patterns Are The New Black.

Image Credit: Cole & Son

Some of you may remember my delight in this wallpaper. So imagine my excitement on hearing that animal prints are on the rise again. 

And not Bet Lynch barmaid leopard prints, but actual whole leopards stalking about in glorious colours. 

The influential lifestyle and interior design community, Apartment Therapy have declared this ...

Cole & Son Tiger Wallpaper

.... their first ever 'pattern of the year'. 

They were bored with the plain old ‘colour of the year’ that the likes of Patone and Dulux promote and thought it was time that pattern got its own cheerleader.

And about time, we say!

Stone Age woman didn’t whitewash her interiors. She had them painted with glorious patterns and pictures of animals.  This one shows French chic from 18,000 years ago, on the cave walls at Lascaux in the Dordogne.

Lascaux Cave Drawings France

Image credit: Lascaux 

Fast forward to 2019 and the horses now have stripes, but the theme is much the same. 

Zebra wallpaper pattern

You don’t have to have animals to join in the pattern-fest. 

New designs include everything from abstract to human body parts. 

Boobs, anyone?

Boob Print Shower Curtain

Of course, it’s not for everyone. 

Most of us want a calming, harmonious interior against the harsh realities of the 21st century but maybe just sometimes we want a walk on the wild side.

Victoria x

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