Should you paint or should you paper?

Oh paper, paper, paper!

Ok, you’d expect me to say that, but let me tell you just some of the reasons why I’m so passionate about wallpaper.

It’s sooo beautiful.

Paint is OK and all that but, unless you’re renting, wallpaper is just so much nicer. It’s a bit like a car. A Nissan will get you to the shops but wouldn’t a Mercedes be just that bit more…fabulous?

It can go anywhere.

Contrary to popular belief you can hang wallpaper almost anywhere in your house. Hot and humid bathroom? It’s just a question of preparing the wall properly. Danger of splashes or sticky fingers? Protect it with decorators’ varnish.

You can go all Sistine Chapel and paper your ceiling to dramatic effect. Or use leftover bits of wallpaper to decorate panels of wardrobes and doors. I’ve had bits that aren’t quite wide or long enough and mixed them up to make it look like I’d gone all pattern-tastic (which I suppose I had).

Of course you can do all this with paint as well, but not nearly so fantastically!

It can hide a multitude of sins.

Using a good lining paper and then a beautiful wallpaper can hide imperfections in your walls and give a smooth ‘finished’ appearance that paint can only dream of. And you can even use thermal lining paper to help keep the heat in.

It’s bang on trend.

It’s a bold way of expressing your personality. Begone pale timidity! Let’s make a statement.

It feeds your imagination.

My favourite feedback from a customer was that she’d wallpapered one of her 3 children’s rooms in the PaperBoy 'D’ya-think-e-saurus' pattern.

When it was done they all sat down to view it and just stared at the walls for a whole 30 minutes. In silence. Just enjoying the story being told on the walls.

And wallpaper is playful. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. Paint is just a bit ‘stick up the whotsit’ for me. Let yourself go. This is your home, not a dentist’s waiting room. Have some fun.

P.S. (Did you know those 3D ‘Magic Eye’ images that transform from a flat pattern to a shoal of fish swimming right in front of your eyes were invented when someone noticed that staring at patterned wallpaper created a stereo image in the brain? It’s called ‘the wallpaper effect’. Who knew?)

Victoria x

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