Linen v Cotton

(Image Credit: Ada & Ina)

We love cotton. Who doesn’t? It’s comfortable, handles well, prints beautifully and washes easily.

But we love linen even more. 

It does all those things cotton does and then some.  It’s the world’s strongest fibre and so lasts forever. It responds to handling and becomes smoother and more supple over time (I still use my great-grannie’s pillow cases in my guest room and they are like baby’s skin on the cheek).  And it’s much more environmentally friendly.

Flax is practically a weed so it needs gallons less water to grow than cotton.  And because we use European grown flax ours has a shorter journey to the weavers and then to us which amounts to even less stress on the planet.

Above all, though, it’s a beautiful product to work with. 

How it works printed linen

It has a relaxed elegance about it. It’s not so trying-hard-to-be-well-behaved as cotton. It’s more saying ‘Chill out a bit. Have a little sit down and don’t fret so much about the rigidly neat & tidy.’

Our linen plays into that Danish idea of ‘hygge’ – cosy, charming, special.  It feeds our human need to snuggle down with people we love, and relax. In an uncertain world we can take care of our loved ones and help look after the planet too.

We all like a nicely ironed shirt & a tidy room but a few soft crinkles & creases here and there show that people actually do some living here. Like smile lines on a well-loved face.

Victoria x

P.S. Doggo loves linen this much….

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